2017 Crop Maze is now CLOSED!

Image: Will Whishaw
A giant image of the state of Tasmania has been unveiled in a crop in Tasmania. The Maze design was carved into the crop by farmer, Rowan Clark, of ‘Rupertswood Farm’, Hagley. Mr Clark declared ‘It was the Maze we had to have! A celebration of all things Tasmanian and to living in this great State’.

The image was designed by international Maze specialists, Mazescape, and is Mr Clark’s fourth such Maze.  The Maize maze took Mr Clark two days to mow into his three and a half hectare crop. Mr Clark explained ‘The maize took off much faster than anticipated and required a fair bit of effort to cut, but we got there in the end and are extremely happy with the result’.

The Maze features two different designs, the central part of Tasmania as the primary maze and a King Island ‘mini-maze’ for younger visitors. The Rupertswood Farm Crop Maze will open to the public to explore on Saturday, 25 February for five weekends only.
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