Rupertswood Farm Crop Maze

The Crop Mazes are custom-designed for Rupertswood Farm by leading international maze specialists, Mazescape.

Using the latest GPS technology, the Mazes are cut into a maize crop. After the Crop Maze opens to the public, it is then harvested and baled for silage.

Rupertswood Farm, run by Rowan and Anna Clark, is a third generation, cropping and lamb production farm at Hagley. Situsated in the Meander Valley, one of Tasmania’s most scenic landscapes, they see this venture as an innovative way to diversify the farm business, plus provide a fun day out and a chance for visitors to experience a little of life on a working farm.
2016 - Rain

Come and learn about why water is so vital to farming communities. Count the clouds on 'Cloud 9' and help 'Tassie' fix the leaky farm pipes!

2015 - Poppy

The 2015 Crop Maze, in the design of a poppy, was developed as a tribute to those who fought in World War I. The Poppy Maze featured two different designs, the poppy plant as the central maze and a leaf ‘mini-maze’ for younger visitors.

2014 - Tasmanian Tiger

In 2014, the Rupertswood Farm Crop Maze featured its very own Tassie Tiger Trail. Visitors were challenged to discovering the Tiger’s pawprints in the maze and learn fascinating facts about the Tassie Tiger.
Mazescape is the UK's leading Maze specialists. The company
has created hundreds of unique crop mazes from sorghum, maize and other crops throughout the world.

They also design and build permanent mazes from a vast array of materials.

Mazes are created using GPS technology, and each one is unique.